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We are pleased to confirm our status as a Hozelock Centre of Excellence
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Welcome to Water Gardening Direct

New Product Brochure

FREE 2015 Product Brochure

Call us old fashioned, but unlike many companies, we still feel that producing a product catalogue is an important part of the service we offer to our customers. So if you would like a FREE copy of our New 64 page full colour brochure, please send us you details using the link below.

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Fish Spawning Brushes

Fish Spawning Brushes

These high quality Fish Spawning Brushes from Black Knight will leave you amazed at how simple collecting your fish eggs can be. As the fish breeding season is weather and temperature dependent spawning can occur anytime between April and July. The female will want to lay her eggs on plants and in ponds without plants this can be a problem. It is vital that the female releases the eggs or they can become "Egg bound" which can kill be fatal, so introduing a Spawnig Brush whether you want to keep the eggs or not is a good idea. By placing the brushes just below the water level, one above the other, at the edge of the pond, your fish will be encouraged to spawn.
Spawning takes several hours and usually happens in the early hours of the morning, during spawning the eggs will stick to the brushes. The adults will quickly eat the eggs so if you want to keep the eggs remove the brushes from the main pond once Spawning has finished.
The purpose made spawning brushes are made from a soft material that won't harm your fish and are not the same material as filter brushes

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Dry Pack Pond Lilies

Dry Pack Pond Lilies

Our range of 4 varieties of dry Pack Pond Lilies, are supplied with a loose rhizome in a basket, with planting medium (substrate).

These lilies represent a great saving compared with "wet lilies". These lilies are dry packed and can therefore be stored if you are not yet ready to plant, or they can be given as great gifts.

Four Varieties

Nymphaea Albatros - White Pond Lily

Nymphaea Opal - Pink Pond Lily

Nymphaea Attraction - Red Pond Lily

Nymphaea Chromatella - Yellow Pond Lily

Preformed Pond Special Offers

If you're thinking about a new or bigger pond then we have some great preformed ponds with even lower prices. With ponds of between 150 litres and 2500 litres and both Plastic and Fibreglass available for delivery nationwide. We hope to have just the product your looking for.
(*free dlivery on all products over £50.00)

Blagdon Preformed Ponds Special Offers

Massive Discounts on
Blagdon Preformed Ponds

Grab a bargin while stocks last !!!

 WasSaveNow Only
Dragonfly Plus 150£69.99£5.00£64.99
Dragonfly Plus 250£172.99£40.00£132.99
Dragonfly Plus 500£172.99£40.00£132.99
Dragonfly Plus 750£199.99£37.00£162.99
Dragonfly Plus 1000£284.99£60.00£224.99
Damselfly 500£172.99£40.00£132.99
Damselfly 750£199.99£37.00£162.99
Damselfly 1000£284.99£60.00£224.99
Damselfly 1250£319.99£70.00£249.99
Mayfly 150£69.99£5.00£64.99
Mayfly 250£99.99£10.00£89.99
Mayfly 500£172.99£38.00£134.99
Mayfly 750£199.99£45.00£154.99
Mayfly 1000£284.99£60.00£224.99

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Fibreglass Ponds

Fibreglass Ponds
Direct To Your Door

At Water Gardening Direct we are always looking for ways to improve the service we offer to our customers and it is with that idea in mind that we are very please to announce our NEW range of top quality Fibreglass Ponds that we can deliver directly to your door.

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Wheatgerm Foods - Special Offer

NEW - Extensive Range of Oase Spare Parts

As part of our continued commitment to offering our customers the highest possible levels of customer service, we are introducing a new and extensive OASE SPARE PARTS service. In addition to offering some of the very best products within the water gardening industry, Oase is unsurpassed when it comes to offering replacement parts and currently list over a 1000 components to ensure you get the very best from your Oase products.

We have now begun the introduction of there spare parts range and currently have 100's of items online with many more to come. So if you Oase product has seen better days and could do with a "make over", why not have a look at the wide range of parts available.

Click Here to see our current range of Oase Spare Parts

Pond Products

Pond Products

Everything you need to build, maintain or just enjoy a Pond, Water Feature or Solar Feature. We have a huge range of Pond Filtration products and packages, Pond liners and Water Features. With up to 50% off RRP's.

Pond Construction - Preformed Ponds and Pond Liner

Whether you are looking for some Pond Liner or Accessories or you would like to use a Preformed Pond or Wooden Framed Pond , we have all you need. Once the basic pond has been constructed, you could also add a Watercourse as a separate feature.

Pond Filtration and Pumping

Once the pond is constructed, it time to think about how to keep it clean and healthy. Most systems will consist of a Pond Pump or Pond Filter Pump , Pond Filter and a Pond UV (Ultra Violet Light). These can be purchased as separate items or for the best deals you can opt for a Combined Pond Filter and UV Unit with a separate pump or a Combined Pond Filter, UV and Pump Package . Don't forget to allow installation you may also require Flexible Hose and Fittings or Rigid Pipework and Fittings and as a finishing touch you could also add some Pond Plants, a Fountain Pond Pump, a Solar Fountain Pump or Pond Ornaments and Statuette

Pond Accessories

After dealing with the main components, there are also a with range of other products which might come in handy. For the electrical part of your set-up we stock all the Electrical Accessories you may need, together with Floating and Underwater Lights and Pond Air Pumps .

Looking After your Pond

Once you pond is set-up, we have all you need to look after it. For you fish, we stock a wide range of Fish Food And Feeding Accessories and for the pond water our Tests and Treatments can be invaluable. Finally, to keep everything clean and tidy, we also have great prices on our Pond Vacuums, Pond Cleaning Equipment and even Electronic Blanketweed Treatment.
Garden Products

Garden Products

We also have a wide range of Solar Garden Lighting and Solar Decorative Lighting and Solar String Lighting Sets which can add an extra dimension to your garden at night.
For those with water metres we also have a great range of Water Butts so you can water your garden with stored rainwater.

Water Features

Water Features and Solar Features

From the classical look to ultra modern, the introduction of a Water Feature can transform the look of any garden. Our mains powered Mains Powered Water Features , Stainless Steel and Copper Water Features and Solar Cascade Water Features can be used as a focal point within your garden. Alternatively the very popular Pebble Pool Feature Pools and Grid can be set into the ground with a choice of features on top. If space is very limited our Wall Mounted Features can be the solution. For those without mains power in the garden, our large range of Solar Powered Water Features are free to run, portable and offer great flexibility.

Bird Food and FeedersBird Food and Feeders

We now have a range of top quality Seed, Nut and Peanut Bird Food and Seed, Nut and Peanut - Bird Feeders suitable for all UK birds. Take make feeding easier, we also supply Bird Feeder - Feeding Stations and Kits together with a wide range of Bird Boxes and Tables and many other Bird Feeding Accessories.

Outdoor Bean Bags from Bean Bag CrazyOutdoor Bean Bags

When all you hard work is done. We now have a range of top quality Outdoor Bean Bags from Bean Bag Crazy, so that you can sit back, relaxe and just watch the world go by.

Futon Sofa BedsIf your looking for something for a conservatory, our sister company "Futon Sofa Beds Direct" have a fanttic range of Indoor Bean Bag, Futon Sofa Beds and even Jay-Be folding beds

New Products

Evolution Aqua - Pure Plus Filter Start Gel - 1 Litre


PURE+ Filter Start Gel from Evolution Aqua is a live, concentrated bacteria ...

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Oase InScenio FM-Mater 3 Switch Box


The InScenio FM-Master 3 Switch Box from Oase is the solution to ...

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Oase Biotec Premium 80000 Drum Filter


The Oase Biotec Premium 80000 Drum Filter is a brand new filter ...

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Evolution Aqua - Pure Plus Filter Start Gel - 500ml


PURE+ Filter Start Gel from Evolution Aqua is a live, concentrated bacteria ...

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Metal Grid for Quadro 2


Strong sturdy grids suitable for 150kg/m≤ with a 4cm x 4cm mesh. ...

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Victoria Quadro 2 Feature Pond


Made from the same sturdy material as the Victoria and can be ...

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Victoria Quadro 1 Feature Pond


Made from the same sturdy material as the Victoria and can be ...

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Kaldness K1 Media - 3 Ltr Bag (was EAA000)


Kaldnes Moving Bedô process, which has been scientifically tried and tested in ...

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One Shot - Gold Label Underwater Pond Sealant - Black


One Shot - Gold Label Underwater Pond Sealant bonds all materials even ...

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290ml Gold Label Underwater Pond Sealant - Clear


290ml Gold Label Underwater Pond Sealant bonds all materials even under water: ...

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