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Evolution Aqua Nexus Eazy 220 Pond Filter

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Evolution Aqua Nexus Eazy 220 Filter

Our Ref: EAF014
Manufacturers Ref: nexeazy220
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New for 2014 the Nexus Eazy 220 Pond Filters from Evolution Aqua incorporates the industry proven K1 Moving Bed coupled with the innovative Eazy mechanical filter which combined to provide outstanding water clarity and quality. The Nexus Eazy 220 can be pump or gravity fed and are cleverly combined mechanical and biological pond filtration to create an effective, high performance filtration system for all sizes of ponds. The Nexus Eazy 220 revolutionise the way ponds are filtered and are also extremely eazy and pleasurable to clean and maintain, with minimal running costs. Building on the fantastic reputation of the previous version (210) the 220 have a re-designed Eazy filter which now utilises the all new K1 Micro Filter Media in a static bed to deliver improved levels of mechanical filtration. The Nexus Eazy 220 Pond Filter Systems also use the acclaimed K1 Media in the moving bed to deliver outstanding levels of biological filtration. Together this combination of filter media work to deliver crystal clear and healthy water.

NEW Nexus Eazy 220 Pond Filter FeaturesNEW 220 Version Features
• Fantastic water quality and clarity
• Zero maintenance within the Biological stage
• Low running costs
• Easy to install - 'plug and play'
• Small footprint
• A 'pleasure' to clean
• Works pump or gravity fed
• Uses scientifically proven K1 Moving Bed technology
• Mechanical and biological stage in one unit
• Variable Biological capacity, just add more K1 media
• Internal Overflow
• Large Eazy sections with one way valves
• Improved Mechanical Filtrations
• Improved Flows
• Dramatically Improved Clarity
• Easy to Clean and Maintains
• Better Solids Handling
• Removable Eazy's

Nexus 220 Pond Filter Dimensions

Evolution Aqua Nexus Eazy 220 Pond Filter - Product Video

Evolution Aqua Nexus Eazy 220 / 320 Filters - Product Sizing

Use the table below to select the correctly sized item. If you have any difficulties deciding which size is right for you, contact us by email or phone and we will be very happy to assist you.

Eazy 220
Eazy 320
Max Flow Rate
10,000 litres/hr
2,200 Gallons/hr
13,000 litres/hr
2,859 Gallons/hr
K1 Media
50 ltrs bio / 30 ltrs Eazy
100 ltrs bio / 45 ltrs Eazy
Max Capacity
150 ltrs bio / 30 ltrs Eazy
200 ltrs bio / 45 ltrs Eazy
Max Pondsize
18,000 litres
4,000 Gallons
34,000 litres
7,500 Gallons

How The Nexus Works

The Nexus filter is simple yet innovative. Water enters the Nexus via the inlet into the inner chamer which works as a asic vortex allowing larger solids to settle out. The water then passes through the Eazy where the finer particles are removed at the mechanical stage of filtration. From the Eazy the water passes into the outer chamer where the iological stage of filtration takes place using the K1 Media Moving ed.

The water then passes through the grill into the Exit Chamer, where it is returned to the pond through the outlet. The Eazy is cleaned y diverting the air from the Outer Chamer to the Eazy using the air valves. Waste is then discharged through the larger waste all valve. The Eazy has een designed so that it can e easily lifted out of the Nexus should it e needed.

The Eazy Filter

The Eazy is a stainless steel vessel containing a set volume of K1 Micro Media (20 litres in the Nexus 320 and 18 litres in the Nexus 220) which is located within the inner chamer of the Nexus. After water enters the Nexus it rotates around the Eazy in the inner chamer with a downward motion allowing the larger solids to settle to the ottom of the chamer efore passing through the slots of the Eazy into the static K1 Micro. The water flows from all angles through the K1 Micro where improved mechanical filtration and settlement takes place and fine particles are caught within the K1 Micro. The water then flows through the slots in the centre column and into the outer chamer.

Biological Filtration

The outer chamer of the Nexus contains the moving ed of K1 Media. This is where the final stage of iological treatment occurs. iological reakdown occurs through different strains of acteria living on the protected surface area on each piece of the K1 Media. These acteria convert Ammonia and Nitrite into harmless Nitrate. The amount of Ammonia and Nitrite produced in the pond is dependant on feed rates and the type of food used. For higher feed rates additional K1 Media should e added into the outer chamer.

In optimum conditions 250g per day of average protein content food will e roken down y 50 litres of K1 Media. To ensure excellent iological filtration of a Nexus maintain a pond pH of 7 or higher. acteria conversion rates are reduced in cooler temperatures.

To calculate the approximate volume of your pond, select the Shape, Unit of Measurement and amount of shading, then press calculate. If you would like to try different combinations, remember to press Reset between calculations.
Pond Shape
Pond Size
Rectangular Meters / Litres Full Sunshine  
Circular Feet / Gallons Partly Shaded  
Actual Volume
Effective Volume

What is Effective Volume ?
The effective volume is the quantity of water in your pond, plus an allowance for shallow and or ponds exposed to high levels of sunlight. Both of these situations will result in a higher than normal algae growth, and fish pollution. We advise that to ensure your that your equipment is correctly sized, the effective volume be considered the minimum size for the equipment you select. However do remember to check the details of the product you are interested in, to ensure that there are no other allowances or consideration specific to that product are required.

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