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Oase BioTec Premium 80000 EGC Drum Filter - Complete Kits

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Oase BioTec Premium 80000 EGC Drum Filter - Complete Kits

Oase BioTec Premium 80000-A Drum Filter - Complete Kit

Our Ref: OAC651
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This Kit Includes:

Biotec 80000 Drum Filter, Bitron C55 UV and Aquamax Premium Eco 12000 Pump

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Oase BioTec Premium 80000-B Drum Filter - Complete Kit

Our Ref: OAC652
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This Kit Includes:

Biotec 80000 Drum Filter, Bitron C72 UV and Aquamax Premium Eco 16000 Pump

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Oase BioTec Premium 80000-C Drum Filter - Complete Kit

Our Ref: OAC653
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This Kit Includes:

Biotec 80000 Drum Filter, Bitron C110 UV and Aquamax Premium Eco 20000 Pump

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The Oase Biotec Premium 80000 EGC Drum Filter is a brand new filter system combining the self cleaning technology of the Oase Premium Drum filters with the easy clean cartridges of the higly sucessfull Biotec Filter range. Pond water enters the tank (normaly via a Bitron UV which is sold seperatly) straight in to the centre of the drum and flows out through the fine mesh sieves 150µm (micrometres) in to the tank. Thanks to the drum technology, the debris which is trapped on the inside surface of the sieves is easily and automaticaly cleaned. An intergrated water sensors measure when the drum needs cleaning and triggers the rotation of the drum and activates the water jets, which blast the mesh clean. The debris and water is collected and drains out of the tank to waste. This cleaning process is achieved using a powerful, high-quality pressure pump which is mounted in the base of the tank. The water then flows through the foam blocks where further waste can be removed and the biological action takes place. The filter is flushed with cleaned pond water and therefore the filter does not require a seperate water connection. The mesh sieves are very easy to remove (no tools required) and the free-wheeling function makes for easy access to the drum interior. Rakes on the inside of the drum help prevent the sieves from being choked by algae. Not only does the filter have a maximum flowrate but to ensure it works correctly it also has a minimum flow. The Premium Drum Filter has a drain slide valve at the bottom of the tank which connects to Oase’s 70mm pipework. The filter is supplied with 2 year guarantee which can up upgraded to 3 years by registering with OASE. The filter has 1m of mains cable to the weatherproof control box and then 5m from the box to the filter.

Oase Biotec Premium 80000 EGC Drum Filter
• Intelligent filter system for fish ponds up to 40m³ (40000 litres)
• The automatic coarse debris extraction using drum filter technology
• Hiigh quality filter sponges for biological filtration
• Intelligent control functions
• Microcontroller system monitors and controls the main functions
• Simple plug & play operation
• The filter is flushed only by cleaned pond water. Therefore a fresh water connection is not required.
• Powerful, high-quality integrated pressure pump for drum cleaning
• Incomparably quiet through extensive noise damping
• 150 µm frst stage cleaning sieves
• Pollutant rakes on the sieves for reliable removal of string algae
• Pollutant discharge incl. slide valve

Oase EGC - Easy Garden Control) System
The Oase Biotec Premium 80000 Drum Filters have now been upgraded to make the compatible withe the Oase EGC (Easy Garden Control) system. This allows them to be contolled via the Oase InScenio FM-Master WLAN Switch Box, which also features remote access via free access the OASE Cloud. This allows you to communicate with your pond whilst away from home.

InScenio FM Master WLAN ECG wireless control system

Oase Bitron C UV's
The Bitron C range of UV's are the result of many years of intensive research, which have culminated in this state of the art design. These ultra violet clarifiers are supplied with one inlet and two outlets. Both outlets have regulator values and by adjusting these you can control the amount of water which passes over the light. This enables the most efficient use of the light giving the best results. The build up of limescale in an ultra violet is well known for substantially reducing the effectiveness of a unit. This problem had been overcome in the Bitron C in two ways. Firstly the permanent magnets reduce the build up limescale in the whole pond system including pumps. Secondly a continuously spinning cleaning device, which is powered using the water flow, ensures that no build up, even silt, starts on the quartz sleeve. Each model has an integrated indicator light or window allowing you to quickly see if the bulb is working. Supplied with a 2 year guarantee, hose clips and a blanking cap if the two outlets are not required.

Top Quality Oase Aquamax Premium Filter Pumps
The Oase Aquamax Eco Premium is the very latest version of Oases' high performance Aquamax Eco range of solid handling pond filter pumps. They are a fully redesigned evolution of the top selling Aquamax Eco and extends it's high reliability and low running costs. Now the "Premium" version of this pump raises the bar even higher. The Oase Aquamax Eco Premium is even more energy efficient than the Aquamax Eco and features even lower power consumption's, producing a reduction int it’s running costs. In addition, with all pumps, you have the option of using the secondary inlet connection to run an optional remote strainer (OAA501) or skimmer (OAA102), both of which can improve the circulation within your pond and reduce the likelihood of 'dead' areas and silt build up. The Oase Aquamax Eco Premium 12000, 16000 and 20000 also feature Oase's unique "SFC Function", which when activated, allows them to automatically adapt to the individual pond ecology throughout the year. Buy using temperature dependent water circulation rates, the 12000, 16000 and 20000 pumps can saves up to 30% of their power consumption a year. SFC does not function when installed dry. The SFC can be activated and deactivated by means of the slide on the pump. When deactivated, the speed does not change depending on temperature and remains on maximum throughout the year. The pumps feature Oases' unique "EFC Function" (Environmental Function Control), which automatically switches the pump off to prevent damage, when it senses dry running. Supplied with 10m of mains cable, hosetails, and a 25, 32 and 38mm plastic hose clip. All Oase Aquamax Eco Premium pumps are covered by a 3 year guarantee, which can be extended to 5 years free of charge, simply by sending the warranty card off to Oase.

Oase BioTec Premium 80000 EGC Drum Filter - Complete Kits - Product Video

Use the table below to select the correctly sized item. If you have any difficulties deciding which size is right for you, contact us by email or phone and we will be very happy to assist you.

Pond Volume
Litres (Gallons)
Suggested System
System Includes
Hose mm (inch)
24000 (5280)
12000 (2640)
BioTec Premium 80000-A EGC Drum Filter Kit
BioTec Premium 80000 EGC, C55 UV, Aquamax Premium Eco 12000
38 (1½)
 32000 (7400)
16000 (3520)
BioTec Premium 80000-B EGC Drum Filter Kit
BioTec Premium 80000 EGC, C72 UV, Aquamax Premium Eco 16000
38 (1½)
40000 (8800)
20000 (4400)
BioTec Premium 80000-C EGC Drum Filter Kit
BioTec Premium 80000 EGC, C110 UV, Aquamax Premium Eco 20000
50 (2)
To calculate the approximate volume of your pond, select the Shape, Unit of Measurement and amount of shading, then press calculate. If you would like to try different combinations, remember to press Reset between calculations.
Pond Shape
Pond Size
Rectangular Metres / Litres Full Sunshine  
Circular Feet / Gallons Partly Shaded  
Actual Volume
Effective Volume

What is Effective Volume ?
The effective volume is the quantity of water in your pond, plus an allowance for shallow and or ponds exposed to high levels of sunlight. Both of these situations will result in a higher than normal algae growth, and fish pollution. We advise that to ensure your that your equipment is correctly sized, the effective volume be considered the minimum size for the equipment you select. However do remember to check the details of the product you are interested in, to ensure that there are no other allowances or consideration specific to that product are required.

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