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Tetra - Floating Food Sticks - 1.20 Kg + 20% Free

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Tetra - Floating Food Sticks - 1.20 Kg + 20% Free

Our Ref: TED020
Manufacturers Ref: YM032A
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Get 1.44Kg for the price of 1.2Kg
(Thats 20% extra FREE)

Tetra Pond Sticks are a complete daily diet for all top feeding pond fish including Koi, goldfish, sarasa comets and Shubunkins. Tetra Pond sticks contain all the essential nutrients and vitamins to promote health and keep fish in top condition and also come with Tetra's patented active formula which helps to maintain a healthy immune system.

Contains cereals, vegetable protein extracts, fish and fish derivatives, oils and fats, minerals, algae and yeast

• Tetra Pond sticks soften quickly for easy digestion
• Made with the highest quality ingredients & advanced production process to allow easy digestion
• Less waste due to high digestibility ensure clear water
• Tetra Pond sticks enriched with essential vitamins improve the heath and vitality of your pond fish

Feedback for Tetra - Floating Food Sticks - 1.20 Kg has been compiled from 6 reviews.

DateProductScoreCustomer Comment

Tetra - Floating Food Sticks - 1.20 Kg

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Only food I use

Tetra - Floating Food Sticks - 1.20 Kg (+20% Extra FREE)

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Use them all the time, fish seem to thrive on them

Tetra - Floating Food Sticks - 1.15 Kg

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Tetra - Floating Food Sticks - 1.15 Kg (+20% Extra Free)


Very Good, have used this product for feeding my fish for many years and have not had any health problems with them

Tetra - Floating Food Sticks - 1.15 Kg (+20% Extra Free)

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Good value

Tetra - Floating Food Sticks - 1.15 Kg (+20% Extra Free)

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What a lot! I will never need to buy again . Why not do smaller amounts.

Pond Sticks - Price Comparison

We have a wide range of Staple Pond Foods with in our range in many different sizes. To make it easier to choose, the following table gives you a price per Kg comparison.

Code Product Our Price Weight Price Per Kg
WGD006 Vitrafin Natural Sticks - 2.5Kg (Staple Food) 14.99 2.5 Kg 6.00
WGD009 Vitrafin Natural Sticks - 5Kg (Staple Food) 24.98 5 Kg 5.00
WGD010 Vitrafin Natural Sticks - 10Kg (Staple Food) 42.98 10 Kg 4.30
JKD001 Betta 10 Kg Pond Pellets 24.98 10 Kg 2.50
NID042 Nishikoi Medium Staple Pellets - 5 Kg 39.98 5 Kg 8.00
TED020 Tetra - Floating Food Sticks - 1.20 Kg + 20% Free 16.98 1.44 Kg 11.79
TED023 Tetra - Floating Food Sticks - 1.68 Kg 22.98 1.68 Kg 13.68
TED021 Tetra - Floating Food Sticks - 3 Kg 28.98 3 Kg 9.66
TED022 Tetra - Floating Food Sticks - 4.2 Kg + 25% Free 36.98 5.25 Kg 7.04

Feeding Your Fish
Many, many people only buy one kind of fish food and feed that to their fish all year round. However, this is not necessarily the best option for the fish or your pocket. Pond fish extract different nutrients from their food at a different temperature.

In the case of protein the uptake of this nutrient is limited during the cooler months and much higher during the hot summer temperatures. Foods have now been developed with this in mind and Wheatgerm foods which are low in protein but more easily digested, have been developed for Autumn, Winter and Spring feeding; whilst growth foods, which are high in protein are available for summer months. Below is a rough guide of what to feed and when.

Pond Feeding Guide
Food Type
Minimum Feeding Temperature
5 deg C
(40 deg F) +
8 deg C
(45 deg F) +
Pond Stick                        
8 deg C
(45 deg F) +
8 deg C
(45 deg F) +
10 deg C
(50 deg F) +

How much to feed your fish
You should only feed your fish enough food to allow them to feed for five minutes. Any more will be wasted and end up as waste in the pond. If a fish is fed until it is full, 30% of fish food will come straight out as waste. The five minute feed can be given four or five times a day, at regular times during the day.

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