• How To Calculate Your Pond Liner Size

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How To Calculate Your Pond Liner Size

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How To Calculate Your Pond Liner Size - Pond Liner Size Calculator

To calculate the size of liner that you will require. Select whether you would like to use metric or imperial and enter the dimensions of your pond in either feet or metres (not a mix). Then press the calculate button. If you would like to try different combinations, remember to press Reset between calculations.

What Unit of measurements would you like to use:
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Pond Liner Materials

  • Butyl Rubber Pond Liner
    Butyl pond liner is made from 0.75mm rubber. Butyl is very flexible which is why it was the favoured material when lining ponds where a lot of folds are expected. Unfortunately repeated price rises have made Butyl a more expensive option. Whilst it is not guaranteed against puncture, the flexibility of a Butyl liner helps to guard against puncture. It is offered with a Lifetime Guarantee.
  • Greenseal EDPM Pond Liner
    Greenseal EPDM pond liners are the modern alternative to Butyl ponds liners. These 0.75mm EPDM pond liners comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. Greenseal EPDM pond liners have the same if not better UV stability, weather tolerance and strength properties than Butyl, but at a much lower price.
  • Firestone EDPM Pond Liner
    Firestone EDPM is a 1mm thick rubber pond liner. Firestone EPDM rubber pond liners have almost exactly the same properties as 0.75mm Butyl pond liners, but have even better weathering capabilities and because this is 0.25mm thicker than the Butyl pond liner you will end up with a stronger product for less. Supplied with a Lifetime Guarantee.
  • Gordon Low 0.5mm PVC (30 Year) Pond Liner
    Gordon Low 0.5mm PVC (30 Year) Pond Liner is a PVC liner is made in the EU using only high quality virgin PVC and is designed to ensure a high resistance to UV (sunlight) degradation. New technology allows large sizes of liners (up to 6m widths) to be produced without welds. This liner has a black finish for maximum resistance to UV (sun light) and is covered by a 30 year material guarantee.
    New Technology - Allows larger sizes (up to 6m width) without welds..
  • 250g per m² Pond Liner Underlay
    Our 250gm/m underlay is a top quality densely woven fibre which is root resistant and puncture resistant. It is a high density material with a weight of 250gm/m. This underlay is so strong and dense that we even have problems cutting it in house and as such we are happy to recommend this underlay as a very effective protection for your liner. Its cut off a roll 2m (6ft 6") wide. Each metre cut off the roll is 2 m²
Lifetime Guarantee
The lifetime guarantee covers all of these pond liners produced by Gordon Low Products Ltd, up to 140 m2 (1500 ft2). The pond liner must be used for a domestic garden pond only and it must be installed according to the instructions provided. In the event of failure due to faulty seams, materials or manufacture the company offers at its discretion to repair or replace the product without charge. The company shall not be liable for any consequential loss or costs of removal, installation or carriage costs. The guarantee does not cover contact with chemicals, excessive stretching, misuse, puncturing or mechanical damage of any kind.

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