• Vitrafin Summer Mix - 10Kg -Staple and Growth Fish Food-

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Vitrafin Summer Mix - 10Kg (Staple and Growth Food)

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Vitrafin Summer Mix - 10Kg (Staple and Growth Food)

Our Ref: WGD030
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Vitrafin 10Kg Summer Mix Contains a balanced mix of our natural pond sticks for healthy fish, orange Koi sticks, for colour enhancement and as an added attractant for the fish. By combining two types of stick we can give an alternative and diversity to the diet of your fish. This diet offers a combination of both our staple diet and our colour enhancing diet so your fish get the best of both worlds. By using natural cereals such as Maize and Soya we then add to this high grade Fish meal, the fish meal offers both high palatability combined with increased digestibility, the combination of these two factors results in low waste levels which not only keep water clarity high but nitrate and nitrite levels low offering a better pond environment. Vitrafin 2.5Kg Summer Mix incorporates a range of vitamins and minerals all selected to provide the very best balance of both nutrition and health, by including stabilised vitamin C we can assist and increase the fishes natural disease resistance. The addition of minerals is also beneficial in many ways such as skeletal development and overall long term condition. Formulated with a higher protein level for increased growth rates and by including colour enhancing ingredients such as Spirulina we provide a base on which your fishes true colour, beauty and size can be admired. For added health benefits stabilised vitamin C is present which can assist and increase the fishes natural disease resistance. With the addition of minerals and trace elements your fish will benefit in many ways such as skeletal development and overall long term condition.

Vitrafin 10Kg Summer Mix Includes Spirulina, Protein 30%, Fibre 2%, Oils 4%, Ash 6%

Summer Fish Foods - Price Comparison

We have a wide range of Wheatgerm Pond Foods in many different sizes. To make it easier to choose, the following table gives you a price per Kg comparison.

Code Product Our Price Weight Price Per Kg
WGD006 Vitrafin Natural Sticks - 2.5Kg (Staple Food)14.992.5 Kg 6.00
WGD009 Vitrafin Natural Sticks - 5Kg (Staple Food)24.985 Kg 5.00
WGD010 Vitrafin Natural Sticks - 10Kg (Staple Food)42.9810 Kg 4.30
WGD026 Vitrafin Summer Mix - 2.5Kg (Staple and Growth Food)19.982.5 Kg 7.99
WGD029 Vitrafin Summer Mix - 5Kg (Staple and Growth Food)28.995 Kg 5.80
WGD030 Vitrafin Summer Mix - 10Kg (Staple and Growth Food)49.9810 Kg 5.00
WGD014 Vitrafin Koi Pellets - 2.5Kg (Growth Food)17.992.5 Kg 7.20
WGD016 Vitrafin Koi Pellets - 5Kg (Growth Food)22.985 Kg 4.60
WGD018 Vitrafin Koi Pellets - 10Kg (Growth Food)39.9810 Kg 4.00
TED020 Tetra - Floating Food Sticks - 1.20 Kg17.991.2 Kg 14.99
TED023 Tetra - Floating Food Sticks - 1.68 Kg21.981.68 Kg 13.08
TED021 Tetra - Floating Food Sticks - 3 Kg26.993 Kg 9.00
TED022 Tetra - Floating Food Sticks - 4.2 Kg36.984.2 Kg 8.80
TED030 Tetra Pond Variety Food Sticks - 2.12 Kg (15L)29.992.12 Kg 14.15
TED031 Tetra Pond Variety Food Sticks - 4.1 Kg (25L)42.984.1 Kg 10.48
TED040 Tetra Pond Koi Sticks - 1.5 Kg (10L)23.991.5 Kg 15.99
TED041 Tetra Pond Koi Sticks - 2.35 Kg (15L)32.992.35 Kg 14.04
EAD006 Evolution Aqua Premier Pellets 6Kg (5-6mm/medium)31.446 Kg 5.24
EAD007 Evolution Aqua Premier Pellets 15Kg (5-6mm/medium)69.9515 Kg 4.66
EAD011 Evolution Aqua GrowthPlus Pellets 6Kg (5-6mm/medium)49.946 Kg 8.32
EAD012 Evolution Aqua GrowthPlus Pellets 15Kg (5-6mm/medium)89.9415 Kg 6.00
JLD011 JBL ProPond - Summer Fish Food - 1Kg (3L) - Small12.981 Kg 12.98
JLD012 JBL ProPond - Summer Fish Food - 2Kg (6L) - Small21.982 Kg 10.99
JLD013 JBL ProPond - Summer Fish Food - 4.1Kg (12L) - Small36.984.1 Kg 9.02
JLD014 JBL ProPond - Spring Fish Food - 8.2Kg (24L) - Small62.998.2 Kg 7.68
JLD015 JBL ProPond - Summer Fish Food - 1Kg (3L) - Medium12.981 Kg 12.98
JLD016 JBL ProPond - Summer Fish Food - 2g (6L) - Medium21.982 Kg 10.99
JLD017 JBL ProPond - Summer Fish Food - 4.1Kg (12L) - Medium36.984.1 Kg 9.02
JLD018 JBL ProPond - Summer Fish Food - 8.2Kg (24L) - Medium62.998.2 Kg 7.68
NID067 Nishikoi - Multi Sticks - 1.575 Kg19.981.575 Kg 12.69
NID090 Nishikoi - Sinking Pellets - 1.71 Kg17.991.71 Kg 10.52


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