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Blagdon - Pond Balance - For Planted Ponds

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Blagdon - Pond Balance - For Planted Ponds

Blagdon - Pond Balance - For Planted Ponds

Blagdon - Pond Balance - 205g - Treats 1500 G / 6810 L - (3 x 500 G / 2270 L)

Our Ref: INT120
Manufacturers Ref: 2716
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Blagdon - Pond Balance - 519g - Treats 3,000 G / 13,635 L - (3 x 1000 G / 4545 L)

Our Ref: INT121
Manufacturers Ref: 2719
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Blagdon - Pond Balance - 1557g - Treats 9000 G / 40900 L - (3 x 3000 G / 13600 L)

Our Ref: INT122
Manufacturers Ref: 2717
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Blagdon - Pond Balance - 9340g - Treats 56000 G / 225000 L - (3 x 18600 G / 84500 L)

Our Ref: INT123
Manufacturers Ref: 2718
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Limited availability - 2 left in stock

We have brought back Blagdon - Pond Balance which is one of the most popular and effective blanketweed treatments we have ever sold. With the introduction of some new brands the popularity of this product waned, but as the algae becomes accustomed to these new treatments customers are turning back to Pond Balance. It is a treatment which alters the water chemistry to create an environment which is not conducive for blanketweed to grow in without harming other aquatic plants. The first treatment will turn your pond cloudy for a while but this soon clears. In the first month you will need to treat the pond 3 times and then monthly thereafter to maintain the effect. The dosages below are based on the three treatments.

Blagdon - Pond Balance Sizes
205g - Treats 6,810 L (1500 G) - (3 dose course for a 2,270 L / 500 G pond)
519g - Treats 13,600 L (3,000 G) - (3 dose course for a 4,500 L / 1,000 G pond)
1.557 Kg - Treats 40,900 L (9,000 G) - (3 dose course for a 13,600 L / 3,000 G pond)
9.34 Kg - Treats254,000 L (56,000 G) - (3 dose course for a 84,500 L / 18,600 G pond)

Important Notes
As with all anti algae treatments, please ensure that your pond is kept well oxygenated and that large quantity's of decomposing algae are manually removed

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