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Ecopond Products

Ecopond Pond Treatments

Ecopond Pond Treatments

EcoPond (previously known as AquaHydrotech) develop and manufacture a range of eco-friendly pond and water feature products. Using their extensive knowledge of water management and fish culture they have developed a range of natural pond products, and have been manufacturing these eco-friendly water treatments for over 25 years. Their aim is to offer products that are both simple to use and effective, so that maintaining good water quality is easy, and so that you can get as much enjoyment from your pond as possible.

EcoPond also ensure that all their products are safe, not only for use in the most sensitive aquatic environments but also for any visiting wildlife. So whether your concern is for the health of expensive Koi, or for the safety of frogs, newts or wild birds, you can be confident that their products offer environmentally responsible solutions that will not cause them any harm.

EcoPond do not use synthetic chemicals or pesticides in making their products and none are harmful to plant life, children or pets.

Additionally, in order to operate in as eco-friendly and sustainable a way as possible:
EcoPond have :
• Based their production facility close to the Lincolnshire farmers who supply their organic barley straw
• Source as many other raw materials as possible from UK suppliers
• Use re-cycled and re-cyclable packaging wherever possible.
• Continually review our processes to identify "greener" ways of doing things

Ecopond Products (Eco Pond) Company Information

Eco Pond Ltd
PO Box 5409
BA15 5DD
Great Britain
Telephone No: 01225 867760
Website: www.ecopond.co.uk
Contact Email: admin@ecopond.co.uk

Ecopond Products (Eco Pond) Product List

Ecopond - Tadpole Food - 20g
Ecopond - Tadpole Food - Late Stage - 20g
EcoPond - Barley-bio Algae Control - 250ml
EcoPond - Barley-bio Algae Control - 500ml
EcoPond - Barley-bio Algae Control - 1 Litre
EcoPond - Barley-bio Algae Control - 2.5 Litre
EcoPond - Barley-bio Algae Control - 5 Litre
Ecopond - Mud Muncher - 250ml
Ecopond - Mud Muncher - 1 Litre
Ecopond - Mud Muncher - 5 Litre
EcoPond - Foam Free 250ml
EcoPond - Duckweed Control - 500ml
EcoPond - Duckweed Control - 1 Litre
EcoPond - Duckweed Control - 5 Litre

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